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Requirements Voraussetzungen Entry Age: 30 - 60 years old Einstiegsalter: 30 - 60 Jahre Education: Studio, Agency, Editorial Ausbildung: Studio, Agentur, Redaktion Skills & Experience: Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen:
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Fair Play: Pro-aktiv für Menschenrechte, Demokratie und Rechtsstaatlichkeit
Visual Story telling Theme development/Themenentwicklung with written script/in schriftlicher Berichtsform Research/Informationsbeschaffung formal writing skills/formale Schreibfähigkeiten E-Mails, Reports (Berichte) Short Stories Mother language plus English Muttersprache und English Photography Knowledge, Skills, Experience Wissen, Fähigkeiten, Erfahrungen Pre shoots/Organisation Documentation/Reportage/Story telling conceptual photo series konzeptionelle Fotoserien Composing Skills Post Production (journalistisch) Bildbearbeitung (journalistisch) Basics about your national media law Project Management + Administration Documentation, Reporting, Controlling, Communication skills Themes and interests: Politik Society Art & Culture Travel Press Corporate Communication (PR) Street Photography Events Portraits Equiment Full Format Camera + Lens Speedlight/Licht Laptop * Software (Mac + Parallels) Microsoft Office Photoshop Lightroom Landline/Festnetz Mobil/Mobilnummer Skype, Teams - Video Communication WhatsApp/WeChat (China) Desirable/Wünschenswert Member of a professional association Mitglied in einem Berufsverband Must have/Pflichtnachweis You are a official registered freelance photographer Sie sind offiziell registrierter Berufsfotograf with Taxnumber/mit Steuernummer/Insurance/Versicherung You are trustworthy/Sie sind vertrauenswürdig
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The dpp is looking for experienced freelance- photographers to build an international dpp network. With a total of 40 years of experience in the media business on all continents, we are continuing to expand the picture agency dpp deutsche photo presse.
We are looking for experienced freelance photo- graphers with special qualities. Mastering the photographic requirements only meets the minimum requirements at this point. Visual story telling is not just a job, but a passion and part of our lives. We look, show and report what it is like. Without KI, without manipulation and authentic. Commitet to the truth. Our thing is exciting documentaries and reports. We are looking for „Photographer“, not for „picture taker“, with knowledge and experience in visual story telling. We look for individuals with personality and character and not conformity. Capable of action. We have a strong commitment for this people If, like us, you stand for freedom of the press, respect for human rights and fair play for everyone, you meet an important first requirement.
Another important skill is being open and happy to exchange ideas and thoughts with others. dpp network photographers represent a strong and loyal community. We show social competence, empathy and understanding. Because our business is a people business everywhere in the world. In times of manipulative journalism, dpp sees itself as a mission for information and enlightenment. We stand for reason. We do not offer any space for extreme views, political agitation or even hatred. That's why the process of becoming a dpp network photographer is different. This is not a sprint, but initially just a mutual rapprochement. We have time and we take time because we respect different cultures and therefore different ways of thinking. Don´t hesitate to write a first unbinding letter to show your interest for becoming a dpp network photographer. Please no standard biography with standard cover letter or in a tabular form. Please individual.
Where? First round EU- all capitol cities incl. UK incl. Ukraine New York, USA Washington DC, USA Central and South America Asia (complete) China: Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong
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